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Pretty in Pink

Memories come in all shapes and sizes.  In the early-1970s, my mother and I were gifted with three large boxes of Depression Glass that my grandfather had purchased from an estate sale while living in Greenville, Illinois.  This began my mother’s forty year love affair with the pink glassware that had been mass-produced during the Great Depression era of 1930-1940. This type of collectible was inserted in cereal boxes, or handed out as incentives for conducting business with movie theaters, or as low priced purchase with purchase items at gasoline stations.

My mother became an avid collector and researcher of this pink glassware and dutifully placed stickers on the pieces as she was able to identify them.  It has been 40 years since I first served tea party guests using this beautiful glassware.  I have fond memories of setting the table, “just so”, and inviting my friends over for cake and punch.  My mom would use this glassware on special occasions such as birthday parties for me and my high school friends.

After moving my mother and father into a nursing home, this large collection has been passed to me for disposition, and after selecting the few pieces that have the most sentimental value to me, I have put the rest up for sale at a local antique market.  I hope someone else will fall in love with these beautiful pieces of colored glass and keep the collection going for generations to come.

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